Clutter – whether a little or a lot – is a part of all our homes and lives from time to time.

Sometimes, despite our best intentions it can creep into our homes and take root.

Even if the clutter is not overwhelming your household, it can still impact your day-to-day living, both physically and mentally.

When there are many areas in your home that need tidying up and decluttering, it can lead you to feel exhausted and on edge.

At Diamond Maids, we understand this feeling, which is why we’re sharing the top three rules that you can utilize to declutter your home today.

1. Don’t Hold On To Things Out Of Guilt

We all have an item or a few that we’ve kept out of guilt.

Maybe you received a birthday present from someone you love that you’ve never used but felt bad about giving away.

Or even something you spent too much money on and it never sees the light of day.

Whatever the situation might be, it’s okay to get rid of things.

If getting rid of everything at once feels too much, start small. Pick an item or two to give away to someone in need or a loved one and keep building from there.

2. Wouldn’t Buy The Item Now? Time To Donate It!

As you continue to get older, your taste changes, and something you would have bought in a heartbeat in your 20’s, is now the last thing you’d buy.

If you find yourself holding onto an item like this, it’s time to give it away.

Depending on the items, take them off to the local homeless shelter or a Goodwill or Salvation Army close to you.

3. Think Vertical

Do you have wall space that you’re not utilizing? If so, this one is for you!

Rather than trying to find extra space in your home that isn’t there, to begin with, think vertically.

Use the walls of your home by incorporating shelves, or flushed organizing cabinets, to help use less space on the floor.

By doing so, your home will feel less crammed with stuff, and you’ll have an easier time staying organized.

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