At Diamond Maids, we leave no part of your home unclean; in this post, we share our tips for how to wash your walls. Like forgetting to clean the kitchen cabinets, when did you last take the time to wash your walls thoroughly?

How to wash your walls and keep them sparkling clean

Grab The Supplies

More than likely, you already have these supplies lying around your home. You’ll want to grab a duster, liquid dish soap, water, soft cloths, two buckets, baking soda, and a foam craft brush. Next, you’ll want to put a few drops into the bottom of one of the buckets and then fill it with warm water. Fill the second bucket with water only to rinse the soap off later.

Dust The Wall

Before you can begin to clean your walls, dust them so that you don’t create mud instead, leading to a bigger mess. Take your duster and go over every part that you plan on cleaning. If you plan on cleaning more than one wall, do each one now. That way, you don’t need to worry about starting and stopping in between each one.

Find A Test Patch

If you have never cleaned your walls before, or if you’re using a different soap for the first time, find a small part of the wall that’s out of sight. Take the soap mixture and the soft cloth and test it there. If you don’t notice any changes in the paint, continue with the rest of the wall.

Start Cleaning

Now you’re all set to begin. The first part is to take your cloth and gently move it in a circular motion throughout the entire surface. Get your baking soda, water, and foam craft brush if you notice a stain. Mix half a cup of baking soda with a quarter cup of water and mix with the brush to form a paste. After the paste is ready, brush it over the stain and let it wait for around five minutes. Wipe off with your cleaning cloth; the area should be as good as new. Once done cleaning the walls with soapy water, take a clean cloth and start rinsing it with your second bucket of water. Continue until you have rinsed all the walls, then dry with a clean towel.

Our skilled Maids know how to wash your walls perfectly

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