Diamond Maids is here to offer 3 tips to get kids to clean their rooms. Trying to get your kids to clean, regardless of age, can sometimes feel like an uphill battle.

Whether your kids are young and learning the process of cleaning their room, or they’re a teenager and giving you a hard time, it can feel almost impossible to get them to listen. We understand the frustration, and we want to share three tips on getting your kids to help keep their space clean, so you can stop feeling overwhelmed.

Sometimes the simple answer to why a child is not cleaning up their room is because they don’t know where to start. We recommend helping them get started by showing them some tips and tricks.

Get Started with our 3 tips to get kids to clean their rooms

Teach your children what you’ve learned throughout your life. Maybe it’s a way of folding your clothes or choosing what goes in each bin. Whatever it might be, take the time to teach them. Yes, it might feel like extra work at the moment, but in the long run, it will help set your child up for success.

Make it fun: Turn cleaning into a game by setting a timer and seeing how much they can clean up in a certain amount of time. You can also create a reward system for completing tasks or offer to join in and make it a bonding activity.

Focus on one part at a time

Is your child’s room a complete mess? First, take a deep breath and find an area that would be an excellent place to start. Rather than trying to clean it all at once, break it down into easy-to-manage chunks. Instead of overwhelming your child by telling them they need to clean their entire room, break it down into smaller, more manageable tasks. For example, start with just picking up all the clothes off the floor or making the bed. Once those tasks are complete, move on to the next area of the room. We recommend making a list of everything that needs to be completed. By creating a list, your child can see what needs to be done and pick the next task they want to work on.

Don’t clean for them

It might feel better because it will get done quicker, but it causes more harm. If your child is old enough to do it themselves, it’s essential to let them do it. You’re teaching them responsibility by not doing the work for them and that they must do it themselves if they want a clean space.

Set expectations and consequences: Be clear about what you expect from your child in terms of keeping their room clean. Establish consequences if those expectations aren’t met. However, it’s crucial to make sure the consequences are fair and age-appropriate. For example, if your child doesn’t clean up their toys, they lose screen time or have to do an extra chore.

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