As we become increasingly busy, we may need to establish a monthly cleaning reset. While there may not be a physical reset button, cleaning your home can help you start fresh. Despite the pressure associated with cleaning, a tidy space can reduce stress, leading to a more productive day. Diamond Maids would like to present some ways to implement and maintain this in your life.

How to Establish a Monthly Cleaning Reset

Firstly, schedule cleaning into your calendar once a month. This is important because a messy, cluttered home can detract from your productivity and focus. Our recommendation is the first Saturday of every month, but find what day works best for you and stick with it.

Secondly, you can reduce your overwhelming feelings by tidying up daily. Doing so may involve keeping countertops clear, sinks empty, and floors swept every day before bedtime. You’ll be amazed when you feel the difference in your home with just three steps. If your schedule is overloaded, set a 10-minute timer and complete as much tidying as you can. If you find it challenging to declutter, we have a blog post on the top 3 rules for decluttering that will make the job easier to handle. Getting into the routine of a daily cleanup will make the monthly one considerably more manageable.

Lastly, don’t forget to deep clean, as there may be more germs in your home than anticipated. While deep cleaning doesn’t need to happen every day, it’s recommended you disinfect every room from your bedroom to your kitchen at least once a month when you establish a monthly cleaning reset.

If you’re struggling with keeping your house clean and organized, consider our professional Brooklyn house cleaning services at Diamond Maids.


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