Earlier this year, we talked about inexpensive ways to keep your refrigerator organized, and now we want to take it a step further to share 4 tips to keep your refrigerator clean.

According to experts at Futurity, on average, Americans throw away a third of the food they buy, which comes to around $1,900 a year per household that is getting spoiled. Hence, we want to share some ways you can reduce the amount of food going into the garbage by keeping your fridge clean.

4 Tips To Keep Your Refrigerator Clean

Eat Me First Box

Please put items close to their expiration date in the designated box so that you can use them first when creating meals. We recommend selecting foods that must be consumed in a week and adding each week’s “round” of food. This will save you time when planning your meals for the week and ultimately reduce the amount you have to throw away.

Snack Drawer

Designate a snack drawer, whether you have children or not, to keep pre-prepared snacks ready to grab when you’re on the go. This will ensure you consume foods such as fruits and vegetables before they go bad. Have a few options available. Getting bored with your choices can lead to food waste.

Schedule A Regular Cleaning

Do you remember the last time you pulled out everything and deep-cleaned the inside of your fridge? If it’s been a few months, this is your sign that it’s time. Remove everything, even the drawers and shelves (if possible), then wipe with a disinfectant. Once it dries, put the food back inside. For the future, we recommend doing this twice a month, but if that’s not doable, then at a minimum, once a month.

Develop A System

Before you put the food items back after cleaning, create a system that will work better for you. For example, the first shelf could be for leftovers, yogurts, or anything with a shorter shelf life. Keep the last shelf for your raw meats, so if anything leaks, nothing gets contaminated. Keep going through the different shelves, drawers, and doors until you know what will go in each place.

Diamond Maids will guide you through the 4 tips to keep your refrigerator clean.

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