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5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company

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When deciding whether to hire a professional cleaning company or not, there sometimes is the question of whether it’s going to be worth it. In today's blog post, we're going to be sharing the top 5 benefits of hiring a professional company to help clean your home today. 1. Increase Your Productivity When you no longer have to worry about your cleaning responsibilities, it gives you more mental clarity and time to do more of what you actually enjoy. Whether that's a hobby, work, or even [...]

5 Ways to Reduce Clutter in Your Home

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When it comes to keeping your home clean, organized, and free from clutter, it can be a difficult task at times. To help with this problem we all face, especially when occupying smaller living spaces, we’d like to share our tips to help keep your home free from clutter. 1. Start with Clearing Your Counters When it comes to your counters, you want to make sure to have them cleared off.  Keep only the essentials visible. Rather than having appliances you haven't used in months or [...]

COVID-19 Reopening – 5 Tips To Keep Your Office Clean

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Businesses have always had a responsibility to keep the office clean to help keep their employees happy and healthy. Now with the Coronavirus and businesses reopening, this is more important than ever. Which is why, My Diamond Maids, want to share our five tips to help keep your office clean. 1.  Develop Your Plan The CDC recently came out with some Guidance For Cleaning & Disinfecting, and they talked about the importance of developing a cleaning plan, and we agree with this. Figuring out what needs [...]

5 Tips to Help Kill Household Germs

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When it comes to cleaning your home, you might be wondering what the best practices are to help ensure that you're truly disinfecting the surfaces. That is why we wanted to share our top 5 tips to help kill household germs today. 1. Start With Soap And Hot Water If there's a lot of dirt and grime on the surface, you should be cleaning it first with soap and water. The reason for doing this is that it helps to remove the first layer so that [...]

Top 6 Dirtiest Places In Your Home

Sometimes, it can seem like no matter how much you clean, there are still places within your home that are dirty. Unfortunately, this is true. There are many places, we often overlook when we clean our homes, which are some of the dirtiest spots in our homes. According to an article written by Healthline , they said, "A 2016 study of the most contaminated objects in the home also found over 340 different bacteria on 30 different objects. Not all bacteria are harmful, but some can [...]

10 Habits To Keep Your Home Cleaner

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Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have moments when our homes are not clean. That's why we want to share our top 10 habits with you to help keep your home cleaner. 1. Start Your Day With A Made Bed Most of the time, this extra task in the morning can seem almost pointless because you'll get back into bed that night. However, having a made bed every day, it can help ensure your home looks and feels less messy. 2. Empty [...]

Behind on Spring Cleaning? 5 Tips to Get Ahead

Time seems to always slip through your fingers and, sometimes, you even lose track of the day, especially right now with the coronavirus. Even in the middle of Spring, it's never too late to start that Spring Cleaning today, which is why we're sharing our top 5 tips with you! 1. Take It One Room At A Time When looking at a home as a whole, it can feel daunting and overwhelming to think about taking on this task, so take it one room at a [...]

6 Benefits of Hiring Professional Cleaners

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To keep your home clean, takes time and energy, something we don't always have. No matter how often you clean, there will come a time when your home will need deep cleaning, so why not bring in the professionals? Deep cleaning is something that Diamond Maids does best. There are countless reasons to hire a professional cleaning service, but here are our top six reasons why you should hire one today. 1. Saves you Time and Energy As stated above, deep cleaning takes time and [...]

Top 5 Benefits of Keeping a Clean Home

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The past couple of weeks, we’ve been talking about how to keep your home clean, especially, during the coronavirus pandemic, but today we wanted to share WHY you should. There are plenty of benefits to having a clean home, but here are our top 5 that we wanted to share with you today. 1. Clean Homes Lead to Lower Stress When you live in a messy home, your stress levels can be higher. According to an article written by Verywell Mind, it says the following, [...]

Do’s & Don’ts for Coronavirus Disinfection

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The coronavirus pandemic has been hitting the whole world hard, and especially the United States, where we have the highest number of cases compared to any other country. We're all aiming to stay healthy, so we find ourselves cleaning our home and our belongings more often while staying home as much as we can. With all of the misconceptions of the do's and don'ts when it comes to cleaning during this pandemic, we want to share our top do's and don'ts with you to help [...]

5 Ways to Disinfect Your Home Now

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As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread throughout the United States, you might be wondering if your home is clean to its full extent to keep you and your family healthy. Well, Diamond Maids wants to share our top 5 ways to help ensure that your home is being disinfected. 1. Cleaning First, Disinfecting Second To disinfect the surface, you need to first clean the surface with soap and water. The reason why this is important is that when there's grime and grease on the [...]

Spring Cleaning – For Your Home and Life

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A New Year, A New You As anyone who’s been waiting on a snowy train platform or scraping an icy windshield knows, the warmer months are finally upon us! After being closed up all winter, spring is traditionally the time for deep cleaning, and it’s for a good reason. New light and fresh air help us to rejuvenate and renew. Even if you have a working system in place, sharing chores and generally keeping the mess at bay, resetting with a professional evaluation of your home [...]

What to Look For In a Professional House Cleaning Service

What to Look For In a Professional House Cleaning Service When hiring a professional house cleaning service, not just anyone will do. Find out what to look for in a professional house cleaning service here! Is your busy lifestyle preventing you from keeping your house clean? Hectic schedules are often at odds with the desires of homeowners who want to live in a clean house without having to sacrifice anything else on their to-do list. Fortunately, busy homeowners can always hire a house cleaning company to [...]

3 Great DIY Household Cleaning Products That Really Work

3 Great DIY Household Cleaning Products That Really Work Whether you're trying to pinch pennies, or clean in a pinch, here are 3 great DIY household cleaning products that really work! Cleaning isn't everyone's favorite thing to do, but it's something all renters and homeowners have to take responsibility for. No one wants to come home after a long day to settle into a mess, and it's not exactly the best environment to welcome guests into, either.  But, it can be hard to clean your home [...]

Keep Calm and Clean On: How to Hire a House Cleaner for Your Home

Not all house cleaning services are created equal. Here's how to hire a great house cleaner for your home! You're a homeowner in Brooklyn, New York. You have a busy professional life as well as a busy personal life - and you can't be wasting your precious time on the weekend cleaning. In fact, unlike some people who may find cleaning stress-relieving, you dread cleaning your bathroom and mopping the kitchen floor with every fiber of your being. Enter a professional cleaning service who can do [...]

Moving Out 101: Why You Should Hire a Move Out Cleaning Service

Don't hand out those keys until you know that your old apartment is completely clean. Read on to learn how a move-out cleaning service can help. If you're one of the 35.5 million Americans planning to move this year, you have a lot on your plate. From finding a new home to packing up your personal belongings and everything in between, we can feel your stress levels rising. With everything going on, you may not have time to clean your house or apartment before handing the [...]

Summer Apartment Cleaning Dyker Heights

Apartment Cleaning Dyker Heights for the Summer Season Warm temperatures and a dry atmosphere mark the start of the summer season. Many are looking forward to vacations, summer cookouts, and outdoor sports activities. The summer heat brings all kinds of fun… and reasons to clean. That's why Diamond Maids is ready to lend a hand with Summer Apartment Cleaning Dyker Heights so that you can focus on enjoying fun under the summer sun. While spring cleaning has a long-standing history for Americans, especially for New [...]

Hiring Park Slopes Maids to Clean Your Bathroom

Park Slopes Maids Bathroom Cleaning Services It is often a misconception that dust and microscopic debris are the only cleaning problems during the summer. But did you know that molds, which are known to be found on damp areas, still thrive even on warmer summer months? These are the types that grow in places where the sun doesn't shine, like the bathroom, for instance. Even areas like Park Slopes in Brooklyn are not safe from disease-causing fungi growing inside the bathrooms. Good thing professional cleaning [...]

Maids Brooklyn: Importance of a Clean Office

Importance of Maids Brooklyn Office Cleaning Services Most people would argue that home cleanliness is more important than anything else. While it's true that you must keep your home clean to ensure your household members stay healthy, office cleanliness is equally as significant as that of your home. Question is, do you have the time? Professional maids Brooklyn service provider like Diamond Maids got your back. So why is it important for your office to be as clean as your home? Here are some of [...]

Urgent Apartment Cleaning Dyker Heights

  My Diamond Maids Apartment Cleaning Dyker Heights Apartment cleaning is one of the basic responsibilities in your home. In Dyker Heights, however, the busy schedule and stress make it exhausting to even lift the broom or mop. As a result, apartment cleaning Dyker Heights has been a common problem of the residents in this side of the borough. If you are living in one of the apartments in Dyker Heights, chances are, you would have a dusty home. The concentration of vehicles in the area [...]

Keep a Clean Office with Maid Service Brooklyn

Maid Service Brooklyn Office Cleaning Services Your office is one of the many places that pose a challenge when it comes to cleanliness. People constantly enter and leave, bringing in dirt from the outside. Even your AC will complain about all the dust in the air. Time for Maid Service Brooklyn to give your office the cleaning it deserves. Cleaning your office would require you to spend precious time and effort. The busy work schedule would make it impossible to keep track of all the [...]

Some Easy To Implement Handpicked Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Services in NYC The practice of extensively cleaning one’s house during springtime is known as spring cleaning. It is pretty much standard in countries with cold and harsh winters. This blog shares several tips and tricks to make the job of spring cleaning more manageable. Kitchen Cleaning Tips The cutting board can be deodorized with vinegar or hydrogen peroxide Placing a bowl of water with a small amount of vinegar and a few drops of lemon juice and then microwaving it steam-cleans all [...]

Important Points to Remember When Hiring an Office Cleaning Service

Office Cleaning in New York City Irrespective of the size of the company, every business organization needs to maintain its premises in a clean and sparkling manner. Cleanliness is next to Godliness, and a fresh ambiance makes an enterprise more appealing to prospective clients. It is very much essential to choose the right service provider for outsourcing office cleaning. There are several factors to consider before zeroing in on any agency to assign housekeeping and deep cleaning responsibilities. Maintaining Consistency in Cleaning Schedule Most individual [...]

Park Slope Maids Summer Home Cleaning Services

Park Slope Maids Summer Home Cleaning Services Summer is here; time for vacation and sports for kids. The vibrant color of the historic brownstones of Park Slope, Brooklyn intensifies under the sunlight. However, summer is also the hottest season of the year. It brings all types of dust and pollutants inside your homes. While the kids enjoy their holiday, you are still out working two shifts per day, thus, making home cleaning an impossible task to achieve. Good thing My Diamond Maids Home Cleaning Services [...]

Dos & Don’ts – for Expecting Mothers For Cleaning Their Homes

Expecting Mothers Cleaning in New York City It is pretty standard for pregnant women to experience elevated levels of stress and mood swings. However, engaging in simple household tasks can genuinely work as a stress-buster. It is true that most cleaning products are capable of creating adverse effects on the body at the time of pregnancy. One should be aware of all the associated risks and follow some basic rules for cleaning that are discussed below. Working in Phases Experiencing fatigue after a short work [...]

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